Health & Safety

We pride ourselves on Health & Safety so want our customers to be equally equipped to deal with the corals they are purchasing. 

When handling corals we wear safety glasses and gloves.  There is a lot of unknowns with regards to corals and the chemicals they posses.  That is why why when cutting / gluing and preparing corals we ensure we always maintain these standards.  During fragging we also wear a disposable face mask.

Certain Zoas and Palythoas can contain a substance called Palytoxin.  Whilst we have never had to deal with this ourselves when fragging our corals listed on this site, there are reports that certain Palythoas and or Zoanthids when stressed or cut/handled can secrete this substance and cause a variety of symptoms from rash to breathing difficulties.  That being said when handing these corals it is advisable you do your own research and as part of the terms and conditions you agree to understand the risks associated with marine corals of all species.

Please ensure if cutting these corals at a later date you also practice great Health and Safety practices as detailed above.