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Frag Plugs and Rocks


Mushroom Frag Plugs
Our mushroom style frag plugs have  been designed so you can attach all most any type of coral.
The textured surface gives good glue adhesion and ideal growing surface.
The design of the plugs ensures maximum flow around the coral which helps keep the frags free from infections while healing which speeds up the recovery time.
These plugs are also made to a good size to fit most frag racks and egg crate, the textured flat top makes for a good mounting surface when adding to your display.
The stem can easily snapped off to make mounting on to your reef easier.
Items are made in the UK in our workshop facilities and made of high quality coral sand fully cured in R.O water for weeks to ensure they are totally reef safe.
Coral has been shown to grow at a much improved rate over calcium carbonate based substrates such as Aragonite, than alternative ceramic and plastic plugs.  
The approximate size of each frag plug is:
Top Diameter = 20mm
Over all Height =23mm
Stem diameter =10mm
The above dimensions are approximate and there may be slight variations as these are hand made products.

Frag Racks


Reef-Geeks Magnetic Frag racks

It is UK Manufactured using high quality reef safe materials.

Available in a variety of colours, and sizes the mag frag rack is perfect to house your coral frags.

Material specification;

Using the highest quality materials and components - as like you, we understand that putting things in a reef tank - well - they have to be perfect!
The latest design incorporates 20mm rubber coated magnets on the internal face and 20mm triple nickel plated magnets for the external face. These have been tested on glass up to and including 15mm to ensure no slip and a secure frag rack for your prized possessions! The internal magnets are completely reef safe so no chance of any contamination which is a watch out with some other brands.

Using 3mm acrylic which is UK sourced and totally reef safe. 

Rack size Width = 150mm, Depth = 50mm, Height = 37mm Hole diameter 13mm.